BBDO - Davey

Shots like these, along with quicktime dailies, conceptual art and audio were posted on a private website so that the executive creative director, Bill Bruce from BBDO could work seamlessly from anywhere on Earth with Wreckless Abandon Studios director, Michael Bannon.

In this framing reference shot, Mr. Hansen calls the boys to task. The final footage was desaturated and had dust, scratches and splice jumps added in order to match the original work.
Here, Davey displays a signiture, apologetic expression. Wreckless Abandon artists pay careful attention to every detail (like overpainting the hairline down onto the forehead) in our pursuit of authenticity.

Here, a stunt can was used to practice the dangerous "Handing over of the DEW" shot. No Mountain Dew Cans were harmed during the filming of this spot!

All elements of a spot: character sculpts, armatures, casts, props and costumes are fabricated in-house at Wreckless Abandon Studios.
The "Tommy" character was inspired by Davey's childhood friend, Jonathon Reed.
Between takes, Davey tells a thirsty Goliath to go to the craft services and get his own DEW.
The DEW can featured here is only about 3.5 cm tall, but had to be modeled with intricate detail that would hold up in extreme close-ups.

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