BBDO - Davey
The art of stop frame animation is tedious, exacting work. It involves all of the complexities of live action shooting, with the added challenge of fabricating all of the actors and locations, in miniature. It is an art form in which small characters, or puppets are hand crafted out of a multitude of diverse materials. These puppets must be fabricated with complicated internal skeletons, or armatures, in order to enable the incremental repositioning necessary for stop motion animation. Additionally, entire worlds must be constructed for the puppets to exist in. Lighting and audio also present their own unique challenges as they relate to dimensional animation. The fact that so much of this art form is in the hands of the artists is what gives the end product such a strong statement in style. Not merely a two dimensional representation of 3D space, these characters exist and "live" in our three dimensional world.
The Goliath mold is fit with an armature, or mechanical skeleton, so that the finished puppet can be incrementally repositioned.
Exact duplicates, clothes and all,must be made of the main characters, so that shooting can be scheduled on multiple sets at the same time.
A quick wardrobe adjustment . . . . . . all hands on deck! A little direction between shots.
Goliath had to be seamed, painted and covered with fur before his eyes and collar are added.
Cameras and characters are placed in position and everything is "locked down" before the animator can begin.
An animator's face can become very expressive while in the process of projecting emotion and breathing life into our little cast of characters.




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